Brittany MilovanovicBecause you deserve it-

You may be surprising your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband with a sexy gift, or you may have just spent the last 8 months busting your butt to be in the best shape of your life. Either way, you came here because you want to feel like one of those Victoria Secret models.


At Brittany Lynn Boudoir we have packages that suit your every price range. Get a small bridal package to give to your fiance on your wedding day, get a sports package to give your hubby a sexy bears photo shoot. Either way, we promise you are going to have a TON of fun.

Our hair and make-up stylist will give you a model look with big, loose curls, dramatic make-up and big lashes. You can get it done all in the same place, for a fraction of the cost if going to various places. We can travel to your home, we can go to a fancy hotel, or you can come to one of our recommended locations. Either way, we’ll pop a bottle, blast some music, and make some sexy photos you are going to love. You may love them so much you might keep them for yourself!!


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