How long does the session take?

-All packages are at least 1 hour, hair & make-up usually takes 45 minutes. It could last 2-3 hours if you want a larger variety.

Do I have to get my hair & make-up done?

-You don’t have to, but professional make-up really makes your eyes pop in a photograph. You can get your hair & make-up done elsewhere or you can use our professional staff which is recommended.

Do you photoshop?

– I smooth out skin and fix blemishes. I always ask my clients what parts they are insecure about and make sure the poses are flattering.

Do you pose me?

– Absolutely! I give you step by step instructions on how to pose to make you look the most flattering and sexy. If you saw something online or pinterest we will absolutely try it as well!

What do I bring?

-Bring as many outfits as possible! We may not use them all, but it’s good to have options. Here are a few ideas:

-A loose men’s shirt

-Jeans, nothing else

-Sports Jerseys (don’t forget bats, hockey sticks, and other props)

-Sexy robes

-Sexy lace cover-ups and dresses

-Any fantasy costumes (ask your man, he may have one)


– Big Heels & jewelry

-Vail, garter belt, wedding lingerie (if bridal)

How do I get ready for my shoot?

– Look in front of a mirror! I want to make sure you love your photos, and every girl has their own opinion about their correct angle. Do you like your head straight on the camera? Do you like it slightly tilted?

-Drink plenty of water

-Get your mani & pedi

-Make sure everything is waxed/shaved (don’t forget your eyebrows)







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